About Us

First in the United States to be Certified as a Medical Nail Technician™ (MNT),and most recently the first Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant approved by the ACFAOM,  AthenA Elliott learned the comprehensive and practical techniques required to perform safe and sterile pedicures.

AthenA’s salon exceeds all of the criteria listed above.  With an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the foot, skin/nail diseases and disorders, and diabetic foot syndrome, AthenA is trained to provide safe pedicure services.


What type of clients visit AthenA Elliott for services?

  • Clients who are afraid to go to nail salons due to the negative media attention,
  • The elderly who need special considerations,
  • Clients with chronic illnesses who need special care during pedicures, and
  • Patient referrals from physicians – physicians know their patients are getting nail services and will appreciate having a safe salon to send them to for their services.
  • Mommy to be with diabetes

What type of service should you expect?
AthenA’s clients receive a comprehensive foot assessment to evaluate their readiness for a pedicure.  She obtains a medical history and establishes communication with a physician, when necessary.  Some of the services offered include some or all of the following, depending on client’s health:

  • Documentation with digital photos
  • Foot baths with liners(health permitting)
  • Safe toenail care
  • Safe, cosmetic minimizing of corns and calluses
  • Gentle massage (health permitting)