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Dr. Sherman NaglerI have known AthenA Elliott for more than 14 years.  She is an incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, competent and caring person. My whole family goes to her for  expert sterile pedicures and general nail care advice.  In addition to my family, AthenA takes care of many of my patients and I have yet to hear anything but wonderful reviews.

Referring Doctors and Medical Testimonials
Sherman Nagler, D.P.M., FACFAS


Dr. Robert SpaldingDr. Robert Spalding, D.P.M

When choosing individuals to serve on the Advisory Board of the Medical Nail Technician’s ™ (MNT) Program, I needed to find an individual that represented the wide spectrum of nail technicians nationwide to serve at the highest level of distinction and who could represent and recognize the attributes and benefits of the MNT program.

I needed a highly experienced nail technician who had risen to the top of her profession. I needed a nail technician who recognized universally that sterilization is critical to protect clients from antiquated understanding of cosmetology state disinfection laws.  I also needed someone who realized that association with physicians and physician referrals are critical to elevating the nail industry to the peak of professionalism. She acquired her medical knowledge of the body through hard work, EMT training and enrolling in every course she could acquire, questioning every aspect of delivering expert nail services.

AthenA Elliott independently recognized and practiced these noted respective elements of her profession long before the MNT program existed. She has demonstrated acute insight in the future direction of the nail industry. For that reason, I chose AthenA Elliott as the individual to represent the nail profession nationwide on my board of advisers for the Medical Nail Technicians program.


Dr. Esther

Dr. Esther Jonas, D.P.M.FACFAS

Having met AthenA in 2004, I was curious to know what set her apart from other nail technicians. I asked her a series of questions including her methods of  sterilization. Her knowledge on diabetic foot syndrome, fungus and sterile  techniques was so impressive, I made an appointment on the spot for a pedicure. Not only do  I continued to seek my own manicure and pedicures with AthenA, but send my healthy diabetic patients to her for routine nail care.



Dr. AnthonyDr.Anthony Lamarra, D.P.M FACFAS

AthenA Elliott- “I introduced myself to Dr Lamarra in ’96 hoping he would come to my salon and give a speech on diabetes  and fungal nails. He was warm, caring and very interested in helping nail techs then and he remains the same today.”(Review is coming)

Dr. Lamarra has over 17 years of experience treating feet and ankle problems. He is highly credentialed in all forefoot, rear foot, and reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries.  He is trained and skilled in the most current non-surgical and surgical techniques for forefoot, rear foot and ankle maladies.

Dr.  Lamarra’s experience in podiatric medicine and surgery is coupled with genuine concern for his patients. His goal is simple: “Treat patients like family in one convenient state of the art location and return them to full function as soon as possible.”
Dr. SalemPhilip A. Salem, M.D. Chair in Cancer Research. brings SPAthena® services to you. Patients receive comfortable pedicure services in clinic during treatment.

Dr. Philip A. Salem, physician, researcher, educator and a medical statesman, has more than 40 years of experience in cancer research and treatment. He is one of the leaders of cancer medicine in America and in the world. He served on the faculty of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center as a full professor of cancer medicine before he established Salem Oncology Centre in 1991. He has been annually selected as one of America’s Top Doctors (Castle Connolly Guide). Recently, St. Luke’s announced the Philip A. Salem, M.D. Chair in Cancer Research.


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