Daily Foot Care Tips for Dealing With Diabetes

Daily Foot Care Tips for Dealing With Diabetes

Anyone that is living with diabetes knows that they have to take even more care of their feet than normal. More advanced pedicures for people with diabetes are necessary to care for their nails and feet. The following are a few daily foot care tips that you should follow if you are living with diabetes:

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    At the end of each day, you should inspect both feet for any red spots, swelling, cuts, or infected toenails. You have to look for these problems since you may not be able to feel them. If you have difficulty physically checking your feet, use a mirror or ask for help.

  • Use warm water to wash your feet. Don’t soak them since this will cause the skin to dry out. Always test the water before you get in the shower or bath to avoid burning your feet. To prevent infection dry between toes.
  • Keep your skin smooth and soft by using a diabetic safe lotion – just don’t put it between the toes.
  • Smooth any corns and calluses that you find using a pumice stone after you bathe or shower.
  • Trim your toenails after you’ve washed and dried your feet. Cut them straight across and smooth the corners using a nail file to prevent the nails from growing into the skin.
  • Don’t walk barefoot inside or outside – always wear shoes and sock so that you prevent hurting your feet without realizing it. Use clean, lightly padded socks to prevent blisters and sores.
  • When you are sitting down, raise your feet up to keep the blood flowing to your feet. Move your toes around for a few minutes several times a day and be more active in general.

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