In the tabs below are a list of medical information that may be helpful for your particular issue.

What is an Medical Nail Technician?


Foot Problems/Diabetes

Proper Shoe Fit

Medical References

LCN’s lead National Barefoot Trainer for cosmetic toenail restoration, Athena Elliott, industry veteran with over 37 years of experience, is best known for leading the nail industry in top level infection control since 1996. Industry consultant, undercover specialist for abc20/20 and expert witness for nail salon infections lawsuits.  All roads lead to nails for Elliott.  The creator of Nail Talk Radio, a weekly 90-minute radio broadcast dedicated to the nail profession since 2010, co-owner of MediNail Learning Center, and co-creator of the consumer driven “Safe Salon Rating” website as seen on The Dr. Oz Show.

Elliott brings both her industry experience and intense passion for everything industry related. Award winning, cover tech, and creator of a nails only trade shows Best Nail Shows in Texas and Vegas, Elliott is a respected leader in the industry.