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Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to get properly fitted  for athletic shoes.  Improperly fitted shoes results in discomfort or injury making it impossible for you to get the most out of your exorcise routine. I refer all of my clients to FINISH STRONG SPORTS for the proper fit!

All legitimate running shoes and walking shoes are, by design, technical pieces of equipment intended to complement certain types of feet.

Everyday, I see people who are not fitted correctly. Bruised nails, nail separation and total loss of nails mark the most common  side effects.

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FINISH STRONG SPORTS  has a  a very thorough, easy to understand process designed to properly “Fit Your Feet.”  Here are the three steps


understanding pronation (foot movement) tendencies using gait analysis.

looking at arch type, foot width and inconsistencies with either foot,and taking into account injuries and potential use of orthotics.


getting your feedback on how each recommended shoe matches your foot characteristics and how it fees while running or walking.

Your feet absorb up to three times your body weight when they strike the ground.
If you are having pain or injury from your knees, lower back, hips, shins or feet, you should check your shoes.

Raymond Cooper, owner of FINISH STRONG SPORTS says,“Just because the shoe fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.”

How should your shoes fit?
They should fit comfortably in length, arch,and heel.
*IMPORTANT* If your second toe is longer than your great toe, then you should fit your shoe length to your second toe.The heel should fit snugly with little or no slippage.
The mid-foot should fit comfortable snug but not to tight.
The toe-box should have enough room to wiggle your toes.
Because your feet swell during exorcise, allow a thumbnail’s width between the length of your LONGEST toe and the end of your shoe.  Typically, this will equal a 1/2 size larger.

A good pair of shoe should last 400 to 500 miles of walking or running or six months of everyday wear.

Wearing the right shoe will enhance comfort, prevent injury and increase performance.
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