What is an MNT?

A Medical Nail Technician™ MNT is an individual who is a state licensed nail technician that has completed additional advanced classroom or online training and has worked under the direction of a podiatrist to practice advanced concepts with actual patients under the podiatrist’s direction.

advanced nail technician

What is a Advanced Nail Technician™ (ANT)?

An Advanced Nail Technician™ (ANT)is a state licensed nail
professional who has completed additional advanced classroom and/or online training.  This higher level of education in sterilization-level prevention,  presenting services properly to at risk clients,  and much more.  The ANT is encouraged  develop a relationship with a Podiatrist who is willing to refer patients to them for pedicures post-treatment and will accept the referrals of clients from theANT.

We Sterilize

SPAthena® uses verifiable  sterilization methods to ensure your patients/clients receive safe care. To combat the threat of fungus, infections, and viruses our business policy requires that all metal implements are sealed in sterile pouches and sterilized in an autoclave. Items that cannot be placed in the autoclave, are discarded after every use.

We Are Listed Online

SPAthena® salon recognized as a salon that practices safe sterilization. Check out www.WeSterilize.com to find salons that sterilize in your community.

All salons listed on this website implement the following practices:

  • Sterilization with an Autoclave and sealed pouches for metal implements
  • Proper preparation of the implements before sterilization
  • Dust-free surfaces in the salon
  • Clean and uncluttered environment throughout the salon
  • Disinfection of all equipment with a registered EPA disinfectant, including the   pedicure bath, according to your state protocols
  • Client must wash his/her hands prior to the service
  • Service provider must wash his/her hands prior to the service
  • Laundered, first-use linens used in salon services
  • Pre-service health screening is practiced, such as use of a new client sheet and examination of the hands and feet before the service

Since 1996, AthenA Elliott has been using hospital-grade sterilization in her salon. Additionally, she advocates that these safety standards be adopted as a state requirement in Texas nail salons.

For a list of Recommended Best Practices salons, follow the link below.

Salon Safety Guidlines and educational material for the consumer.

Important: This website does not represent medical advice or the ability to diagnose or treat disease in any way.  It simply provides information on the cosmetic process and the capability of SPAthena® to facilitate safe care through safe practices and purposeful communication between SPAthena®, clients, and their physicians when needed.