Feet Sore From Holiday Shopping and Parties? Here’s How to Help

Feet Sore From Holiday Shopping and Parties? Here’s How to Help

If you have diabetes, then you know how important caring for your feet is. Now that the holiday season is upon us, odds are you’ll be putting much more stress on your feet as you walk around shopping for holiday gifts and mingle during holiday parties. If you find your feet feeling sore during all of this, then be sure to use the following tips to relieve your aching feet:

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    The straight-leg stretch – Sit down and face a wall. Straighten your legs so that your feet sit flat against the wall. If the floor is a bit hard, simply sit on a pillow. You’ll want to bend forward as far as possible while keeping your legs straight. This will stretch as well as lengthen both your calf muscles and hamstrings. This is especially helpful for women who have tight calf muscles and hamstrings because of their high heels.

  • The toe release – Stand in a position where your right leg is forward and your left leg is behind you, almost like you are taking a step. Lift your left foot up and tuck your toes so that the top of your toes are resting on the floor. This will help stretch the top part of your foot, which is something you should feel. Switch feet after holding for a few seconds.
  • The toe spread – Sit down and cross your legs. Put your fingers through your toes to separate them. Spread your toes wide in order to stretch them – just avoid pulling them up or down. Do this to both feet.
  • The wall v-stretch – Sit a few inches away from the wall and then lie down on your back. Put your heels onto the wall and form a V with your legs. This should cause a gentle pull in your inner thighs. Stretching your inner thigh muscles will help prevent the arches of your feet from being overloaded. Lifting your legs will also help reduce swelling.

When caring for your feet, be sure to use these stretches to help relieve any aches or soreness in your feet.

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