Get Your Nails Done for a Festive Holiday Season!

Get Your Nails Done for a Festive Holiday Season!

Pedicures for people with diabetes are essential for maintaining foot health. Because people with diabetes often have issues with feeling their feet, pedicures are important in helping keep their toenails in good shape and help reduce the risks of toenail issues occurring. However, pedicures for people with diabetes don’t always have to be strictly for health purposes. Why not get your nails done for the holidays in order to get into the holiday spirit?

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    Classic Christmas colors – Celebrate Christmas by painting your nails red and green, which are traditional Christmas colors found throughout the holiday season. Either keep them a solid green or red for a classy look, or paint additional holiday images onto them, such as Christmas trees, reindeer or even garlands.

  • Candy cane colors – Stripe your nails with red and white to create a bold and unique candy cane design.
  • Messages – Get into the spirit of the holidays no matter what holiday you celebrate by painting hopeful messages onto your nails, like “peace” and “love.”
  • Holiday film references – Have a favorite holiday movie? Paint a reference from the movie onto your nails. For example, go with black backgrounds and and white stars along with the well known faces of the Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • Winter season – Go with blue or red backgrounds and paint on white snowflakes or snowmen to reflect the beautiful winter season.
  • Classic Hanukkah colors – Go with shades of blue and white to create a classic and simple Hanukkah nail design.
  • Sparkle blue – Looking for a design that celebrates Hanukkah and reflects the winter season? Go with different shades of sparkling blue and silver.
  • Hanukkah designs – Use white as your base and add different Hanukkah symbols to your nails, such as dreidels or candles.

There are plenty of ways that you can paint your nails in order to celebrate the holidays in a unique way, no matter what holiday you celebrate! Just be sure to take care of your nail and to get regular pedicures if you have diabetes in order to ensure the health of your feet.

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