How to Navigate Delicious Holiday Foods When You Have Diabetes

How to Navigate Delicious Holiday Foods When You Have Diabetes

One of the best parts of the holidays is all the holiday meals associated with them. However, individuals suffering from diabetes will have to be careful about what they eat. This doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy a special holiday meal, however. The following are a few helpful tips for managing diabetes while eating during the holidays:

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    Be physically active – Don’t just get stuck laying around on the sofa after eating a large meal. You need to keep yourself physically active in order to help control your blood pressure, blood fats and blood glucose levels. There are easy ways to do this – go for a post-meal walk with the entire family. A long walk around the neighborhood is an excellent way to stay active.

  • Don’t be too worried about your glucose level readings – There’s a good chance that you’ll have a high blood glucose reading at some point during the holidays. While you shouldn’t ignore your readings, don’t panic either – one or two spikes in your readings during the holidays isn’t anything to be overly concerned about since they shouldn’t affect your long-term health.
  • Make smart food decisions – You can still enjoy some of the holiday food staples while managing to eat healthy as well. For example, eat light-colored meat instead of dark meat and take the skin off the turkey. Dry roast your potatoes or use a spray oil in order to reduce the amount of fat you’re consuming. Use vegetarian stuffing instead of meat for your stuffing. When filling up your plate, try to fill at least two-fifths of it with vegetables. You can’t have a holiday meal without a desert, but you can use ingredients that are slightly better for you. For example, using skimmed milk for your custard or using single cream instead of double cream for pies.

The last thing you want to do is over indulge during the holidays and ignore the fact that you have diabetes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy holiday meals. Just keep these helpful tips for managing diabetes in mind.

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