Keep Your Feet Safe From Diabetic Complications This Winter

Keep Your Feet Safe From Diabetic Complications This Winter

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you know that taking care of your feet is of incredible importance. The upcoming winter makes doing this quite a challenge due to the moisture, cold and dryness associated with winter that all combine to increase the risk of suffering from a foot-related issue. It’s one of the reasons why pedicures for people with diabetes is so important as well. The following are a few additional tips for keeping your feet safe this winter:

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    Inspect your feet daily – If you have diabetes, then you should be doing this no matter what season it is. Check all the pressure areas of your feet as well as in between the toes. Keep an eye out for discoloration, breaks in the skin, corns, calluses and more. You should also check your socks and shoes for stones or rough edges.

  • Keep your feet dry – It can be a difficult task to keep your feet dry if it has snowed a lot. If you walk through the snow, make sure that you inspect your feet immediately afterwards and dry them off if they are wet. You should change out of wet socks whenever possible as well.
  • Choose the right shoes – Wear shoes in the winter that provide warmth as well as protection from ice and snow. They should also provide proper padding and have enough space not to reduce the blood flow to your feet. Consider wool socks and polypropylene stockings as well to help reduce moisture.
  • Moisturize your feet – The moisturizing glands of your feet may not work as well due to poor circulation and nerve damage caused by diabetes. Because you’ll be using the heat in your home and car extensively to combat the cold, your feet may end up getting too dry. Use a good moisturizer specifically for diabetes foot care after you bathe your feet every day.

In addition to using these tips in order to keep your feet safe during the winter, be sure to get pedicures from qualified professionals such as an Advanced Nail Technician.

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