As Seen on Dr. Oz!

Owner of SPAthenA, AthenA Elliott appeared on
DR. Oz in March of 2015 to talk about the reality
of what is happening in nail salons
across the country.


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Experienced Technician

AthenA Elliott has been named “Nail Tech of the Year” by Nails Magazine along with numerous awards from other trade publications.

We Care About Quality

At SPAthena we make sure to exceed the state standards using liquid disinfection and/or a steam autoclave to sterilize instruments.

Wide Variety of Services

Whether you are looking for cosmetic restoration, prosthetic nail restoration or fabulous nail bling we are equipped to work with you and will make sure you leave with exactly what you hope for.

Know the Risks for Nail Fungus

Many people tend to take nail care for granted, but if you don’t take care of your nails properly, you could end up with problems that require the attention of a medical nail technician. For example, one of the things you’ll want to try to avoid is the growth of nail... read more

Fist Bump Your Doctor!

Contrary to popular belief, hospitals are not a “safe-zone” for catching an infection.  In fact, infections transmitted in health-care facilities kill at least 80,000 Americans each year. What’s the common culprit?  The germ-spreading handshake.... read more

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